WTF (What The Future) Looks Like as Disruptive Technologies Modernise our Industries

Romeo Siquijor

Head of IT at Cemex

Learning Objectives

The advent of more sophisticated technologies is revolutionizing the way we operate. So, we need to discern what practical solutions we need to bet on today; to bring a competitive advantage to our organisations tomorrow. Whether you are considering how to drive higher revenue, thrive amidst a global crisis, generate greater business value, or improve the customer or employee experience, there has been a significant increase in the capabilities and technologies at our disposal today. Let’s peek at some of them.

Key Takeaways:

  • Robotics Process Automation (RPA): improve workflows and let mundane and trivial tasks to the robots

  • Enhance your production with Industrial IoT solutions

  • Visualise the world through the lens of Advanced Analytics

  • AI in mainstream business

  • Blockchain, the future of the financial industry

  • Next-gen cloud, making datacenters obsolete

  • AI-based security to combat AI-based threats.