YOUR Approach to Engagement Can Make Your Team and Leadership Better Stewards

J. Marty Nowlin

Senior Vice President, Human Resources at KAR Global

Learning Objectives

Please join the Senior Vice President of Human Resources from KAR Global, J. Marty Nowlin in this Executive Interview where he will discuss how your approach to engagement can make your team and leadership better administrators.

Key Takeaways:

  • Have your priorities changed, given the 2020 challenges, as it relates to Employee Engagement in KAR Global?

  • Relating to engagement priorities, what is one approach you are taking now that you wouldn’t have imagined you’d be taking a year ago?

  • What would you regard as a best practice on the talent acquisition side to provide insight to candidates of the engagement philosophy of KAR Global?

  • Engagement is not a one person show, as we know, how do you “train” your team to be the stewards of engagement? How important is this for their development? Speaking of development, over the course of the year, if you had to talk about one characteristic of a successful HR leader, what would it be?