Your Secret Weapon to Scale Marketing in 2021: AI/Machine Learning

Joe Garber

VP of Corporate Marketing at Micro Focus

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The task marketing professionals face in 2021 isn’t new - there are always new people to engage, and a finite budget and resources available to do so. What's different is that many of the traditional mediums to do so are either compromised (e.g., in-person events) or congested by other vendors doing the same thing (e.g., webinars). In order to succeed, you'll need to be smarter and more efficient than ever.

To that end, AI/machine learning should be a key element of your plan – to inform overall strategy, refine targeting, drive efficiencies, supplement customer engagement, and streamline content development. Learn more about these use cases, hear success stories about leveraging this technology to scale, and gather some best practices to optimize results in this session.

Key Takeaways:

  • AI/ML can be applied to multiple roles within the marketing department - strategy, ABM, digital marketing, content marketing, etc.

  • Different data types require different tools - focus on context for unstructured data and horsepower for structured data analytics

  • Technology alone isn't a silver bullet - people and process (and asking the basic question, do these insights make sense?) matter too

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