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QN Speaker Resources

Everything you need to complete a successful QN On-Demand Presentation

Please view this brief welcome video that highlights the top 10 benefits of the QN platform.

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Complete Your Presentation Submission Form

This form lets us set up your QN profile, collect your presentation details, and gives us everything we need to start marketing. The sooner it is completed, the more time we have to reach viewers.

Prep Your Presentation

We’ve put together a few resources to help you create a presentation that will keep your audience engaged and excited! Use the checklist to make sure your content is engaging, digestible and presented without a hitch.

Get Familiar with QN

Take a moment to get a feel for things. This preview will help you to understand the context of your presentation and the experience of your viewers.

Record your Presentation

Before you press record, please follow the recording tips in this video to ensure you produce the best quality presentation.

Time to hit record. Here’s everything you need to know to record your presentation and deliver it to our team. Thanks again and good luck!

You did it! Now you can share your wisdom with your peers.